Welcome to GEM Finance Society´s website.

GEM Finance Society is a student association from Grenoble École de Management, a top French Grande École. It invests on the stock markets, provides financial services to companies, organises a Trading competition, offers micro-credits, actively publishes articles concerning the actual market situation, and creates events to engage students who pursue a career in finance. At GEM Finance Society we provide a professional learning environment where we encourage students to practice their financial skills to gain experience and enhance their career. The association is divided in different poles: GEM Investment Club, Finance Advisory, Finance Ethics, Financial Competition, Chronicle, Events, Communication and Internal Events.

GEM Finance Society’s Communication department manages the social media, the image and visuals of the association. Their main task is to spread GFS’ news, manage the website and social media accounts.

In GEM Finance Society we integrate all of our members to promote a thriving professional environment. The Team Building department takes care of all of this. It is basically the HR department. Additionally, the Team Building department organises internal events throughout the year to integrate the members and make a family out of GFS.

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