About Us

What is GEM Finance Society?

GEM Finance Society is a student association from Grenoble École de Management, a top French Grande École. We are composed by more than 50 students from diverse nationalities.

With a long and prestigious history of geopolitics and trading, the association was previously called  BIG (BUSINESS INVESTMENT and GEOPOLITICS) but this year the board members have decided to focus solely on Finance to increment our efforts on guiding GEM students into the financial world in the best way we know how to. Therefore, the association has renewed its image by updating its name to GFS (GEM Finance Society). Our main  purpose of this change is to depict our focus on Finance and bring more professional opportunities to our members, who normally end up hired by one of our partner companies such as Bloomberg.

Moreover, GFS offers connections and networking events with professionals in the Financial industry thanks to our partners such as Alumneye and DOG Finance. This generates innumerable opportunities to meet professionals who can guide our members while they develop their career with us.

Our highly international team will give you the opportunity to meet people from diverse and interesting backgrounds. This will help you to increase your global scope while generating your international network.

Furthermore, GFS invests on the stock market, provides financial services to companies, offers micro-credits, actively publishes articles concerning the actual market situation, and creates events to engage students who pursue a career in finance. Hence, there are plenty of opportunities for members to develop their career with us. If someone is motivated, has talent, and starves for success, then they are a perfect match for GFS.

Any GEM student can postulate to GFS and become a member of any of our departments: GEMIC (GEM Investment Club), Events, Communication, Corporate Finance, Team Building, Finance Ethics, and the GEM Finance Chronicle. The only thing they have to do is fill up a form and attend an interview.

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