As the head of the Gem Investment Club, it was my greatest honor to manage a team of 30 finance students. The solidarity between every member of the association is something we are really proud of. GEM Finance Society is a tremendous catalyst for business school students interested in building strong finance knowledge. You will surely find colleagues, probably friends and maybe a second family.


Grégory Benhamou – Investment Club Manager 2019-2020

It is a real pleasure to be part of GEM Finance Society. This association helps us  discover all finance aspects and allows us to learn from influential people we have met and who are working in this sector. What I really like about GFS is its huge potential for your future career in finance. Last but not least, being a member at GFS has increased my professionalism and has helped me get a good knowledge while developing my career in finance .

Charles Geoffroy – Vice President 2018-2019

GEM is a great institution that advocates for future business leaders and GEM Finance Society does any less. At GFS I have encounter a great number of  enthusiast students eager to learn and help everyone interested in the financial industry. I would deeply suggest anyone who is interested in becoming a member, or to learn about finance, to contact us and become part of our association or to get involved in our events throughout the year. GFS is also a great place for companies to get involved and help students achieve their goals while getting benefits and a great source of potential talents. Join us and become part of this great network and family !

Alejandro Cordón - Partners Responsible

Alejandro Cordon – Partnerships Manager 2017-2018

I found my passion for Finance at GFS.  At first I postulated to discover the financial aspect of business and now I love all of it. Addtionally,  I learn a lot engaging in real life profesional experiences while being a student at GEM. Surely, being part of GFS has changed me for the better and now I can say I have been submerged into the professional financial world and have made contacts and friends that will last for life.


Ramiro Flores – Communications Manager 2017-2018

Being part of GEM Finance Society is an honour. I cannot think of a better way to pursue my career in finance while being at GEM. My experience in this association has led me to meet influential people who have surely made an impact in my future.

I assure you this association is full of potential and opportunities for your future career. Many of our members end up being hired by companies like Bloomberg thanks to our recognition and partnerships.

Camille Hutt - President

Camille Hutt – President 2017-2018